Selling a Property

Our expert team of conveyancers have a combined 75+ years of experience. We have helped thousands of people just like you sell their homes.

There are obligations on you, the Vendor when you are selling your property, such as what to disclose and what is implied. If you get that wrong, then you may be liable for the purchaser’s loss. 

We ensure you get it right.

Our Process

Conveyancing is complex and missing something important could cost you thousands of dollars. We use a simple step by step process so that nothing is missed and you know exactly what we will do for you when selling a property.

Step One: Contract Preparation

The agent (or even you, if you are selling the property privately), cannot advertise your residential property unless a Contract for Sale is available to any prospective Purchaser.

We prepare the contract with all of the necessary disclosures and searches and importantly, we will ask the right questions to ensure nothing is missed.

The terms of the contract will be drafted according to your requirements. Once you have approved the content we will send the contract to the agent so they can commence marketing the property.

Step Two: Contract Exchange

When a buyer is found, we will be advised of the details and will take the matter from there. The key milestone will be the exchange of contracts because it confirms the property is sold; up until then, everything is negotiable.

We will issue the contract to the buyer’s conveyancer and work towards exchange of contracts in a time effective manner, liaising with you regarding any queries or requests from the Purchaser.

Step Three: Settlement

We co-ordinate the settlement with other parties including the buyer and your lender (if you have the property encumbered). We will confirm final figures making adjustments for any rates and levies that you may have paid in advance.

We will sign off on the settlement after you have approved the figures and we will ensure that the proceeds are received into your nominated account on the same day as settlement.

Step Four: After Settlement

We will send you a summary of the transaction including the confirmed figures and the destination of funds. We will authorise the release of deposit from the agent to you and we will ensure the relevant authorities are advised of the sale.

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