This week one of our Conveyancers and Rural Specialist, Fiona, had her first unwanted rural tenants of the season at her own property in the Hunter Region.

Having already seen a large shape moving under the doorway, Fiona says she waited until the big female slithered off and then went to walk into the feed shed only to see a much smaller suiter right where she was about to plant her foot.

At All About Conveyancing we can assist with all aspects of Rural Conveyancing.  Except Snakes – we don’t assist with danger noodles!

But since we do pride ourselves on the help that we provide, please see the below link if you also have issues with reptile visitors at your current rural property or are thinking of moving to one. The links are from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, there’s some useful information on living with snakes and also a list of contacts if you do need an expert snake handler in your local area.

NSW Dept of Planning and Environment – Living with Snakes

NSW Dept of Planning and Environment – Reptile Handler List